FishFace’s Picks Of The Week

So where about half way through the season and it’s been an exciting one so far.The almighty FishFace is back again to give you his picks.Let’s get the show on the road.

The first pick this week is Baltimore At Cincinnati. The Bungals started off playing some pretty good football this season,but still there playing kinda streaky.Cedric Benson had a huge game against Chicago but coming off of a bye week might just be not enough for Cincinnati.Plus Baltimore’s defense is just too strong for the Bungals to pull off a victory.This one will be close headz,but Baltimore is definitely going to win this one.Baltimore 23 Cincinnati 14

My second pick is Miami At New England.I think this game is going to be a blow out.I know Miami played a great game vs the Jets last week,but there offense looked sorry as hell.The wildcat is just plain stupid.Ted Ginn  had a great game running those punts back but Chad Henne hasn’t shown me that he can pick up the slack since Chad Pennington went down.Tom Brady will have another great game because the Dolphins defense will not be able to stop the Patriots.New England 34  Miami  7

The third pick this week is Washington At Atlanta.Now anyone out there that even follows the NFL slightly knows how bad the Redskins are.I mean come on the lost to Detroit.There is no way in hell that Matt Ryan and the Falcons are going to let the Redskins come in to the Georgia Dome and let them win.Plus coming off a tough loss to New Orleans there going to try to save face.Atlanta 21Washington3

My forth pick is Houston At Indianapolis.Now I know a lot of analysts out there are claiming that the Colts are going to go to the Super Bowl.Now that just might happen.Peyton Manning is really a great quarterback,no doubt about it.Even with Anthony Gonzalez still injured and Pierre Garcon playing very well, the Colts are going to have a tough time this week with Houston.Houston plays pretty tough on the road.The Texans are going to get the moneys worth out of Andre Johnson this week.This is my upset of the week.Houston 24 Indianapolis 21

The fifth pick this week is Dallas At Philadelphia.This game is going to be an exciting game to watch fishheads.With both teams sitting at 5-2 and playing for first in the division,this game is going to be tough to call.But there is no way Tony Romo can come in to Philly and have a great game.Roy Williams is not a good wide receiver,he’s mediocre at best  and there defense will not be able to stop the Eagles offense.Philadelphia 34 Dallas 14

My last but not least pick is Pittsburgh At Denver.With Denver losing there first game last week to Baltimore you would think that there going to play tough against the Pittsburgh Steelers.I don’t think that’s the case.Watch and see that even though Denver’s defense is good,there offense is not going to hold up against Pittsburgh.Pittsburgh 21 Denver 10

Alright fisheadz here is a recap of the almighty FishFace’s Picks

Baltimore 23 Cincinnati 14

New England 34 Miami 7

Atlanta 21 Washington 3

Houston 24 Indianapolis 21

Philadelphia 34 Dallas 14

Pittsburgh 21 Denver 10

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