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Jamal Lewis, running back of the the Cleveland Browns, gave yet another episode of the his wonderful self on Wednesday blaming everyone else besides himself. Lewis stated that “just because I’m tired of it, tired of it and that was my goal, and that’s all I wanted. So, time to move on.”  Taking shots implying that this offense: does not benefit his running style, and that they practice too hard during the week, making them to weak to properly execute come game time.

Are you *#!@!^@ Kidding me?

1-7, and you rushed for 129 yards against Injure List Linebacker Buffalo, Good Job!

To not lose all sense let’s look into a bigger picture. We all know the Cleveland Browns and their recent history, so for now I’ll spare you. The individual however, I will not. Jamal Lewis was a fifth overall pick by the Baltimore Ravens in 2000, netting him a rookie contact of 35 million. He left the Ravens to sign a one year contract with the Cleveland Browns in 2007 (Shortly after the Ravens acquired Willis Magagee), for a one year contract at 3.5 million. Incentives could have boosted that contract to 5 million. Then after a re birthing year, in which Derek Anderson made the Pro Bowl and the Browns went 10-6, he signed his next contract for 3 years-17 million. After his announcement to retire at seasons end, it left only  2.4 million. Lewis seems to to have gotten all he wants and is rumored in owning an NFL franchise.

Now please understand that Lewis, at the tail end of last season called out players for taking time off or giving up, and now again. Really! I feel there was a bigger personal picture involved. He signed on to have two younger guys take over, not be the RB.  In March he was given a 4 million dollar roster bonus, despite a healthy, more agile, and younger Jerome Harriston and rookie James Davis(A Lewis prototype with better speed, and youth). What a Solid from the Browns.  He was paid to lead.  To Help the younger player to adjust to a changing organization.  Finally, to addapt to the new reigm.

Enough is enough.  I’m truly tired of sub par veterans and the NFL dictating the Cleveland Browns.  Hence, Jamal Lewis is only worried about Jamal Lewis.  If you play as a part of our TEAM, be part of the solution, keep trying, and teach from your experience.  Jamal doesn’t understand this, there has been no adaptation to his skill set.   He might have been taught by leaders, but has never received his degree in teaching.

Jamal Lewis is just trying to be on record.  He is chasing the likes of Ricky Watters(20), Warrick Dunn(19), and O.J. Simpson(18:11, 236yards) for Rushing Yardage.  John Riggins was last player to be elected to the Hall of Fame with under a 4.0 average per carry, Lewis sits at 4.2.  The lack of rushing production from the team this year puts Lewis in jeopardy of falling off the mark.

This is the same Lewis that the Browns decided to stick with.  The same Lewis who has complained twice now after the team has under produced, last year and this.  The same Jamal that is so worried about his lack of consistent production that he may not be Hall of Fame worthy.  See at present, he is 780 yards from by passing the biggest, and most well recognized NFL and convict, O.J. Simpson.  Based on career numbers, Jamal only has averaged 81.7/game for his career, a fantastic 4.2/rush average, leaving him about 126 yards to make up.  You would speak up as well if your numbers were falling short, try blaming other players and there play, coaches, or even the organization; everything except me.

As a Cleveland Browns fan, I’m ashamed.  I’m tired of players who feel they can take sole advantage of our organization.  Jamal considers himself a Raven at the end of his career.  Monday Night sound good to you?

“In order to get yards, you need to pick up your feet.  In HD, we all can see,…”-Nasium

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