Why I Don’t (Can’t) Respect Tech Fans, and You Shouldn’t Either

This week, a friend of mine who goes to Georgia Tech sent me this picture – a drawing that is clearly professionally done and has been mass-produced. This Tech friend isn’t even a Tech fan (Typical. Just curious, when was the last time you heard a Georgia, Florida, Alabama, LSU, Tennessee, Auburn, Ole Miss – or just insert any SEC school here – student say, “Yeah, I go to school here, but I don’t cheer for the team”?), and since we met in first grade he’s been on a permanent mission to get a rise out of me. He definitely succeeded. But this? This is wrong. And it exemplifies EXACTLY why Tech fans are such crappy fans.

I don’t like Tennessee. Lane Kiffin makes me want to punch things. I don’t like Alabama or Nick Saban. South Carolina fans take obnoxious to a whole other level (and keep in mind, this is coming from a girl who lives to scream, “Ain’t nothin’ finer in the land than a drunk, obnoxious Georgia fan!” every gameday), and don’t get me started on Steve Spurrier. I don’t like LSU or Auburn either. I HATE Florida. (God, I hate, hate, HATE Florida). And I’m pretty certain Urban Meyer and Tim Tebow combine to form the devil reincarnate.

But Tech fans? They exist in a realm of fair weather and disloyal and classless that I can’t comprehend.

You want to talk trash about our football team this year? Fine. We suck. I know it. You know it. God knows ESPN knows it. So go ahead. Talk trash. I can handle that.

You want to claim we Georgia grads are stupid and will work for you someday? It’s not true (Check my grades and test scores. I dare you. Ten bucks says they’re better than yours.), but fine. Entertain your small minds.

But to go after Uga VII days after he passed away? Classless and cruel.

Yes, Uga is a mascot. But he walks football sidelines 12-14 times a year. He makes a handful of other appearances as well. But every day, whether the jersey is on or not, he is a family pet, and to mock – or worse, celebrate, as this drawing indicates – the death of a family pet is heartless and pathetic.

After news broke of Uga’s passing, I read or heard sincere condolences from fans of every SEC school and many from outside the SEC. Andy Staples, a former Florida walk-on, wrote one of the most poignant columns I’ve ever read on the subject.

Tech, on the other hand, produced this.

You may kick our ass tomorrow. You may continue your brief, cicada-like, nonsensical jabbering for the next year. (Found the quote of the year last week on Bleacher Report: “Tech fans are like cicadas. They come out every 17 years, make a lot of noise and then die.”)

But, at the end of the day, I am a part of a school, a fanbase, a Bulldog Nation that sells out its stadium every week, wears dresses and polos to every game, celebrates its alcohol consumption and would never, ever cheer the loss of a pet, much less create or distribute such a callous image.

And you know what? Regardless of Saturday’s score, that’s good enough for me.

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