Wasn’t Wanted At Home!

The Brady Quinn era in Cleveland ended yesterday and began in Denver this afternoon. His time spent in Cleveland revolved mostly around quarterback controversies, requiem changes, and losses of high draft Pre-Madonnas. All this and lack of faith by his coach did not fair well. In Denver, it will be much different for Brady.

You could almost hear it today in his introductory press conference, hinting about how every quarterback there wants to be the guy. That’s the difference there, than in Cleveland. Brady wanted to be the guy, fought and won the quarterback battle, but never was allowed to be the guy. Mr. McDaniels wants Brady to be the guy and Quinn knows. The interest last year in Quinn; only for Quinn not to want to leave the team he grew up to love and had a chance to bring back to dominance, proves only Quinn’s biggest attribute. He’s not about the money, he’s about the game. We all know, if we had the God given talent and the chance to lead our childhood team, we would. Now throw millions of dollars on the table and would you still stay or go? That’s what Brady Quinn did by staying in Cleveland. Both destinations included the quarterback competition yet in Denver he was wanted, in Cleveland he had to prove. He stayed and proved that he can win the QB contest. He just never got the faith of Eric Manginni, which Manginni proved during that first Baltimore game.  In Denver, Quinn will get another chance.  Kyle Orton is definitely a starter in the NFL, but McDaniels was willing to give Brady a chance last year, so this year can’t be out of the question.  The Broncos finish last year only leads back to that.

Brady Quinn will be the first first round pick of the Cleveland Browns, in the new era of the Cleveland Browns, to lead a team other than the one who drafted him to the Playoffs.  Quinn is getting his chance in Denver.  Hopefully the home warming is better.

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