Tiger Trailings!

Anyone else after listening to Tiger Woods’ most recent interview thought to themselves better rehearsed but I still don’t believe your hearts in what your saying?  Well I’m sick of being treated like I’m a dumb idiot by your words.  We understand that you can not reveal what happened the night your SUV ran into a tree, it might mean that you or your wife broke the law, we all understand that to some degree.  Still questions that you are prepared for, you still sidestep.   Be a man.  You hid, then came out of hiding, never to admit you truly made a mistake.   I feel you only regret getting caught, that is why it is this hard for you to admit anything.   Miss that tree, and nothing would have changed, well maybe just your marriage.  Please do the Golf loving fans a favor and stop with the attempts to please your sponsors faith and act remorseful, we all see through it.

Tiger Woods was the man that change Golf.  He appealed to a greater audience than ever before, driving couch potatoes to the courses.  He obtained his fortune and fame playing a game that lives on the rules of Honesty and Respect, and frowns on Cheating.  You were caught Cheating, lost our Respect, and now you can”t be Honest with your fans.  Mr. Woods will not win a tournament this year.  Golfers now know the kind of man they are playing against and fear him no more.  They now know they are better than Tiger, but aren’t most of us!

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