McNabb has new home, why not new number?

The NFL is already producing McNabb’s #5 Washington Redskins jersey. Donovan is also now presently negotiating a new contract so why not include a new number. Be different once in awhile. It would make all those Philadelphia jerseys instant throwbacks, what a better way to say “Thanks for the years!” On top of that, they did not send you to Oakland or Buffalo.  He then also has the opportunity to come back and thump them twice as say #15.(One better than the Donovan you let go).  Maybe 00, cause that’s what you thought of you and you’ll prove different.  I personally love the idea of any other number than 5.  Is Donovan McNabb going for the best #5 that played in the NFL, come on. So with the new start, be a little different and give us a new McNabb.

If Donovan McNabb was to do this it would have a nice ripple effect.  First it would make all those who are going to wear their older McNabb jerseys not nearly as dorky or cheap, it’s now a throwback.  Way to help the economy and the common man.  Second the new Washington Redskins jerseys the NFL has produced and maybe release would two fold.  One’s released would be collector items, and the rest would probably be shipped to the same country that the Indianapolis Colts winning the Super Bowl Gear went.  Now Donovan’s also helping the world’s needy, bravo.  Third the NFL has to be considered, God they win big.  Marketing alone of should make them all in.  In basketball, Kobe Bryant has had two numbers for the same team, both jerseys always near the top in sales.  Lebron James has applied for the change to#6, he wants to be the Doctor not the King anymore.  Dido on his sales.

It’s all up to Donovan McNabb, be the old you, or give us something new!

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