Nasium and FishFace Mock Draft 2010

Less than three hours away this will be our last chance to one up Mel Kiper and Todd Mcshay. We will alternate picks with FishFace leading with St. Louis. So here we go:

1.St. Louis Rams–Sam Bradford QB

The Y:The Rams to start over and Bradford is worth the shot.

2.Detriot Lions–Russell Okung OT

The Y:The Lions need most to protect last years number one.  I Truly feel this is where Cleveland could move up to snatch McCoy.

3.Tampa Bay Buccaneers–Ndamukong  Suh DT

The Y:He’s just a beast and the Bucs truly need that spark from the Defensive line.

4.Washington Redskins–Trent Williams OT

The Y:With the age revolution going on in Washington’s backfield, not, it is Washington first way of welcoming McNabb.

5.Kansas City Chiefs–Eric Berry S

The Y:Romeo wins and gets his defensive leader right away.  Chiefs secondary definitely needed this pick.

6.Seattle Seahawks–Gerald McCoy DT

The Y:He fell to them and despite the O-Line need, this type of player seems will help Carroll better in his first year.

7.Cleveland Browns–Earl Thomas S

The Y:Cleveland has so many needs, they start with a young ball hawk on defense.

8.Oakland Raiders–Dez Bryant WR

The Y:Oakland does have needs on O-Line, but we are talking about Al Davis.  Bryant is this years #1 receiver giving Russell one more offensive tool.  Side Note:  If Al can trade this pick for Ben Rapelessburger he better, period.

9.Buffalo Bills–Jimmy Clausen QB

The Y:Trent Edwards days are done, with new regime they get their signal caller of the future, tackle will come next.

10.Jacksonville Jaguars–Jason Paul-Pierre DE

The Y:The Jags need to improve their pass rush right away.  This freakish kid is their next project.

11.Denver Broncos–Rolando McClain LB

The Y:Gives Denver’s defense that “Die Hard” mentality.

12.Miami Dolphins–Sergio Kindle LB

The Y:Maybe this year’s best hybrid player and Parcell’s needs better linebacker play.

13.San Fransisco 49ers–Kyle Wilson CB

The Y:Singletary sees more in Wilson than Joe Haden, the first true surprise in this years draft.

14.Seattle Seahawks–Brian Bulaga OT

The Y:Even with Spiller on the board, Bulaga versatility fills more needs right away, Joe Haden could also be the pick here.

15.New York Giants–Derrick Morgan DE

The Y:The Giants Defensive front needs the influx of youth, the top 2 LB gone, the Giants chose to still upgrade their defense.

16.Tennesse Titans–Brandon Graham LB

The Y:Jerry Hughes, Brian Price, and even Carlos Dunlap could all go here, Graham will get to the QB better.

17.San Francisco 49ers–C.J. Spiller RB

The Y:Defensive and Offensive line help will have to wait.  Spiller’s big play ability reminds San Fran of Roger Craig.

18.Pittsburgh Steelers–Joe Haden CB

The Y:Instant starter and gift at 18 for the Steelers.  Colt McCoy is now in there picture as well with Big Ben being Big Ben.

19.Atlanta Falcons–Mike Iupati OG

The Y:The Falcons choose Iupati over Pouncey trying to help solidify their O-Line.

20.Houston Texans–Patrick Robinson CB

The Y:Secondary is biggest need, ever bigger than finding a back to pair with Steve Slaton.

21.Cincinnati Bengals–Jermaine Gresham TE

The Y:Carson here’s your gift, you now have multiple tools at every position, it’s up to you.  Taylor Mays will also get a good long look.

22.New England Patriots–Jared Odrick DT

The Y:Demaryius Thomas will be a though, even Jerry Hughes as well, but Bill will take the more NFL ready talent.

23.Green Bay Packers–Taylor Mays S

The Y:Even with the need on the Offensive side, the hard hitting Mays is a dream to the aging secondary.

24.Philadelphia Eagles–Maurkice Pouncey C

The Y:No better time then the start of Kolb being #1.  Battery Complete.

25.Baltimore Ravens–Carlos Dunlap DE

The Y:The Ravens pass on the DT and look for Suggs to be a mentor here.  Sean Weatherspoon or even a corner are also possible.

26.Arizona Cardinals–Jerry Hughes LB

The Y:  Needs on Defensive front is high but the loss of Dansby and the need for his replacement rules.
27.Dallas Cowboys–Golden Tate WR

The Y:Dallas passes on the line and secondary help.  Tony Romo is given another present.

28.San Deigo Chargers–Brian Price DT

The Y:Even with Williams still there they feel the in state transition makes this pick that much easier.

29.New York Jets–Dan Williams DT

The Y:Ryan has no questions with Williams still on the board.  Even watch out for Devin McCourty.

30.Minnesota Vikings–Devin McCourty CB

The Y:The Viking need secondary help first.  They are so close.  Terrance Cody and Colt McCoy would be smart as well.

31.Indiannapolis Colts–Dan Lefevour QB

The Y:I know I’m over reaching but it is to make my point that I feel he is the best QB in this draft and will be solid at least in the NFL.

32.New Orleans Saints–Sean Weatherspoon LB

The Y:Helps replace Fujiti and is probably biggest need.  Terrence Cody could help as well.

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