I do not believe you!

Ben Roethlisberger yesterday came out with his second statement, since allegations of rape in Georgia, only to disgust me more. It sounded more like a legal document then a heart felt comment about the suspension, his team, and the situation. It was done to show that Ben feels he’s being punished, and that he is sorry about all the bad press for him and the Steelers. And that is it. He appeases the NFL and the Pittsburgh Steelers, and make the fans think he will be better. A deeper look might shed new light on the way us, as fans of this game, view the components.
Starting with Big Ben, my first questions start at; When did these two police friends become friends? Maybe it was easier for Big Ben to do his Big Ben things with two officers watching over him? I thought the Law Enforcement of our country was to help not facilitate the opportunities to break the law, or was I wrong? Big Ben did just what every intelligent sex offender does, he changed his routine, slightly to make it safer for a person in his position. As for sex in the bar, yes it happens, just not usually with guards standing by to our in the moment meetings.
Now this is the second red flag on Ben. The NFL suspends him, he accepts it, all is good. Big Wrong! You just helped a sexual offender be able to re-craft his ways yet again. How hard would it be for you to sit through a few classes, or do community service to regain the support of the most powerful sports league in the United States? Remember you get payed millions if you do; money generated from you and me. Way to keep your talent, NFL!
These players like Ben strive to get to this level, and when they mess up, it’s forgiven by the league and the fans. Maybe this should be the time to stop? Anyway I look at this situation, I smell wrong. I just don’t believe Big Ben or the NFL.  Do you?

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