Cushing’s revote a sound start.

It is not new news to any NFL player, what goes into your body your responsible for, period. The NFL has reopened the Defensive Rookie of the Year and Linebacker All-Pro voting to be redetermined by Wednesday afternoon.  The man being re-voted on is Brian Cushing.  Even though Cushing insists that it was not a performance enhancing supplement, he still will not tell us what it was. Why not be a man, admit your mistakes, and move on. Instead Brian leaves us looking at him as a cheater. The positive test came in September of last year,and Cushing has passed the other random tests throughout the rest of the season.  Yet he still cheated.  His numbers and impact on the field became better throughout the year, but since Brian will not reveal what he took, intelligent minded fans can only assume that these were the result of his positive test.  Taking away the Defensive Rookie of the Year and second team All-Pro designations are good first steps.  The suspension, on the on there hand,  should have come at the tail end of last year, not the beginning of this upcoming year.

If everything is changed in this case by the re-voting, then were should the NFL stop at rewriting awards based on performance.  The recent news of Lawrence Taylor makes myself question all the accolades he has received.  He was one of the greatest at his position, but he used cocaine/crack  to help him.  Should those years All-Pro awards be erased or is it to far gone?  How about the Hall of Fame?  If we were to re-vote on that, Taylor would probably still make the Hall, despite all the off field issues.  So where draw the line?  I hope that as the Players Association and the NFL negotiate they take into account the proper ways to deal with Icons falling from greatness.  We all as football fans in one way have idolized some player; to find out that he’s a murderer, rapist, wife beater, or drug addict what does that do to us?  Please remember without us you make no money.  They both have the ability to make changes and a stand against, will they?

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