The Cleveland Cavaliers One Step Away From Losing It All!

On Tuesday night the Cleveland Cavaliers lead by Lebron James was truly humiliated on their own court 120-88 by the Boston Celtics. The Summer of Lebron looming just a couple few weeks away, and Cleveland’s Dream team is one game away from the door. An early exit might just help Lebron enough find a new destination. The Cavs, with the best record in the NBA this year, the deepest bench, and the Chosen One how could this be happening? Danny Ferry gave him Shaq, Jamison, Moon, Parker, and even was able to bring Zydrunas  Ilgauskas back after being traded for.  The pieces were given to James like he asked the last time Boston bounced the Lebron led Cavs from the playoffs.   It’s just Cleveland, right?  I think it’s deeper than that.

Lebron James is definitely a phenom that’s no question, but King James or the Chosen One not quite.  He was chosen by the Cleveland Cavaliers to be there leader when he was drafted.  The organization felt he was the perfect foundation to building a team to a championship.  They worked hard every year to give him more pieces and even have stuck with some of the older core to keep a consistent base for him.  He won nothing.  Well, Olympic Gold with a cast of truly great players and coaches, but that’s not part of the job he chose.  He seems more interested in becoming the biggest star than be the one for the Cleveland Cavaliers.  There was no fire during this past game, Lebron seemed to fire up bad shots just because he felt he should shoot.  His post game comments showed little passion at what had just happened and the situation that he now faces.  It seems as if James and the rest of the team just think that it’s their title and everyone will just get out of the way.

Mike Brown is next on my list of what the hell are you doing?  You have the deepest bench, the best record, and one of the most gifted athletes in the NBA, yet you’d rather play Boston’s game.  Ilgauskas is back and you’ve played him five minutes in the playoffs before tonight.  The Boston Celtics weakest points are running games and lack of depth.  Your starting point guard is just not there and you stick with him.  Use your time outs to help change momentum or to at least regather and redirect your troupes.  Lebron is not able to run the whole game, you need to do the job that your payed for, Coaching.

Now onto the supporting cast and starting with Mo Williams.  He said before the start of the playoffs that he realized he need to play better than he did during last years playoff performance.  Up to date, Mo has given the Cavs about 18 minutes of solid play throughout the playoffs.  It doesn’t seem his earlier realization has any bearing on what’s happening now.  His bad play has even started the questioning that the torch might be being passed to Rondo from the Big Three.  He plays no defense, can’t hit open looks, and has no ability to break down Rajon to enhance an inside-out game.

In this last game Shaquille O’Neil had 21 points to lead the Cavaliers.  That’s not what Shaq was brought here for.  He was brought here for Orlando.  His heavy minutes throughout the series only help the Cavs play a slower version of basketball, the one the Boston Celtics hope to play.  Even though Shaq came back from his injury in better shape than expected, Kendrick Perkins and Big Baby have seemingly eliminated him as the biggest force down low.  This seems to be more of a Mike Brown problem than that of O’Neil, still way too much Shaq.

If the Cleveland Cavalier’s run is ended this Thursday or upcoming Sunday watch out for a fire sale.  It might be no more Lebron, no Shaq, even no Z.  Look on the bright side Cleveland, you get to keep Mo Williams, cause who’s going to trade for that bum!

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