Today might be the last chance to show Lebron your love, Cleveland!

Just hours away from the 2010 NBA draft and little has happened in Cleveland with attaining new players via trades, or even buying into the draft itself. Dan Gilbert tried his luck at sweeping Tom Izzo from Michigan State, only for Izzo to use the opportunity as a recruitment tool. Today becomes Chris Grant’s to show what kind of magic he can create as the Cleveland Cavaliers new General Manager. Can he make a Paul Gasol type deal to revamp and better the roster? Can he move Mo Williams or Delonte West? Whatever he can or can not do today will be a direct reflection on the Cavaliers drive to win now not later, plus we all know James will be watching.
In the past couple of days we have seen Corey Maggette and a 2nd round pick move to the Bucks for center, Dan Gadzuric and guard, Charlie Bell. Heard the rumors of Chris Paul, Devin Harris, Jameer Nelson, and even Vince Carter being shopped. In Miami, they already moved Daequan Cook and the 18th pick to create about 3.4 million, and are waiting on Joel Anthony to sign his player option saving them $885,000 more. If they can find a suitor for Michael Beasley, it would be conceivable that they will have about 47 million to use for the Summer of Free Agency. Dwayne Wade has already stated his intentions of staying in Miami as long as they were willing to do the necessary things to take them back to the leaders of the East. Miami seems to have heard his request and their actions definitely show that they are all on the same page. With that kind of money they might be looking to start their own Big Three in Miami, although they would have no depth and would be relying maybe too much on three men. Still they are trying their hardest to rebuild into a Dynasty team.
Cleveland has shown that they are trying to win now or at least be better than before. They started with the addition of Mo Williams to fix their lack of a true point guard, and as we all have seen that was a costly mistake. Picked up role players in JaMario Moon, Anthony Parker, Delonte West, and Leon Powe. Two were great additions, one was injured, and the last thinks he’s a smaller version of Rambo. The blockbuster addition of Shaquille O’Neal had little positive effect, mostly due to injury and lack of true point guard play. They even went and got Antwan Jamison before the trade deadline to bolster their run for the ring and that did not quite work out either. Dan Gilbert and Danny Ferry definitely were trying to give Lebron James every needed piece of the puzzle after we were so over matched in the Finals against the San Antonio Spurs. The reigns now are in the hands of Chris Grant, and he might lose James before the start of his first year. So please start packaging together players and rebuild from the ground up. Anderson Varejao, Delonte West, Anthony Parker, and even J.J. Hickson have value all for different reasons. Mo Williams would be the first to deal but his 26+ million over the next three years makes him hard to swallow for any team. Add some other players and other teams and maybe Cleveland could go get Chris Paul or Devin Harris and at least show they still want Lebron to stay home.

As a Cleveland Fan I hope that our organization continues to rebuild our team until we get our Championship. We are not broken, but few new links in the chain might help.

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