Hey Chris: It’s you and me, you’re going to love Cleveland.

29ScavsAThe Cleveland Cavaliers seem to be getting closer to obtaining what might be the first new piece, and maybe even the one that helps to keep the King overseeing his throne. The big three of this summer have openly talked about playing together, now it seems that Chris Bosh has a choice of just one, Lebron or Dwayne? Toronto seeming less interested in helping Bosh maximize his next contract via a sign and trade, might now be changing their stance. It has been reported that Toronto is open to a sign and trade with Cleveland, involving Anderson Varejao, and/or Anthony Parker, Delonte West, J.J. Hickson, even a potential draft pick could be in the mix. The Miami Heat have nothing to entice the Raptors and the Chicago Bulls would probably have to include Joakim Noah in any sign and trade deal. In the Lebron stakes, it now seems the Cavaliers have positioned themselves back up top.

Lebron James has heard the pitches from all interested parties, and so has Bosh. Every pitch for all three to play together can only happen if one of these three takes a pay-cut. I do not see that happening, so Chris now has to choose. Chris has stated before that he does not want to play in Cleveland, that he’d rather go to New Jersey, Chicago, or Miami. The Miami Heat almost seem out of play basically due to their lack of a roster, and their inability to continue to add pieces in the near future. The lack of being able for Bosh to sign and trade to them should close the door for Miami. Chicago can use Noah to get them in the door, but without someone taking Luol Deng’s contract they become pigeon toed as well. New Jersey could jump into this race using Derrick Favors, and a few other pieces, but that would rule out getting either of his boys to play there with him. Both Golden State and the Houston Rockets could be late players in this situation, both having probable pieces to sign and trade deals. Houston would bring Bosh back to his home state and even open him more to the huge market of China thanks to Yao Ming.

If I tally up the score sheets they probably read like this:
For the Most Money: Toronto/ Cleveland
For Family/Friends: Houston/ Cleveland/ Miami/ Chicago
Playing for NBA Championship: Cleveland/ Chicago/ Houston
Coach with Championship
Experience: Cleveland/ Chicago/ New Jersey
Owner that will spend: Cleveland/ Miami/ New Jersey*
Pieces in Place: Cleveland/ Chicago/ New Jersey
Creating Something: Cleveland/ Toronto/ New Jersey
Being Like Mike: Toronto
Being Like Scottie Pippen: Everywhere Else!

It seems that Cleveland’s new General manager, Chris Grant, is taking no time to continue trying to build a championship team in Cleveland. Your ball, Bosh! D-Wade or the King? Oh, did I mention that Cleveland’s new coach, Byron Scott, has a great relationship with Chris Paul. The same Chris Paul who was helping Lebron at the NIKE camp in Akron yesterday. Just saying, Good things can come our way in Cleveland.

*New Jersey Nets Owner Mikhail Prokhorov is included although he has not spent yet, he surely seems to have the means to do so.

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