Should you stay or Go Now?

Up to this point Lebron James has tried to make himself into a mega superstar, tonight’s mega hour on ESPN proves that fact. He has won nothing, yet we all desire to get him. In high school James was able to win championships in Division III and II, but against the best nothing. I do agree that hidden talent can be found in the lesser leagues, but it’s rare. Being a ball hog, and center piece for a franchise does not make you a superstar. Accomplishing nothing proves the point. We all wait for months for you to make a decision, that relies on pieces of the puzzle. Well Lebron, your puzzle is not right. We do not care if you are a Billionaire, we care about reviving our city, and winning a Championship. That is it. Cleveland had faith in their homegrown prodigy only to be treated again in the ways of Art Modell.

Here is what Cleveland did not want to hear: Lebron is going to Chicago. My sources show that Lebron has already submitted paperwork to change his tax liabilities to a Chicago address. See you, good luck trying to be Dr. J in Chicago. No matter what number James wears, he will still be Lebron James, the King of nothing. I will now be willing to tell you that he will never win a Championship, primarily because he is only about becoming the biggest he can be. Enjoy Chicago. Cleveland is no longer your home, we don’t want you here. Fill your big head with thoughts that your a King, the Chosen One, or whatever makes you and your boys feel well. in Cleveland we all know that you are a coward and a loser, we have seen it, and that is fact.

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