Final thought on Lebron James.

4all3togetherWell before July 1st, I stated that I wanted the Cleveland Cavaliers to go after a winner, and not Lebron James. I was willing to lose out initially, for the larger gain in the future. I was misinformed about his final destination, yet I knew he was leaving: just did not know that “The Back Door Trio,” was really in play. The lack of professionalism shown by all three only highlights the lack of quality educated men in the NBA, not just book smarts, but in life as well. It showed the need for the NBA to create an education or age restrictions for incoming players. Two years after graduating high school, then those players can enter the draft. Graduation is a must, no exceptions! This would start to change the league back to hard working men and not just boys with some skills. Two years in college, Europe, or the D-League would help these young men develop skills necessary to being solid professionals. Finally, I think a basketball commercial wrapped it up best, when you and Dwight didn’t recognize Larry Bird, you showed your true problem. You have no clue what greatness is!

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