Pre-Training Camp Review #1


2009 NFL Regular Season Standings:

Arizona Cardinals: 10-6
San Francisco 49ers: 8-8
Seattle Seahawks: 5-11
St. Louis Rams: 1-15

St. Louis Rams: Using the first overall pick this year on, Sam Bradford, their quarterback of the future was another huge step in the rebuilding process of the Rams. Starting from a 1-15 team, the Rams will show definite improvement, especially with a healthier Steven Jackson and some kind of growth in the young receiving corps. The Defense should grow as well, retaining Oshiomogho Atogwe was a huge plus, and a few of the 2nd/3rd players should start to shine a little more. A 3-5 record heading into their late bye week could be a fantastic start. Bradford time, at this point it would make sense to get the kid an extended look, giving him a road game to start would eliminate some of the pressure. Sam Bradford will take his bumps but the Rams become the most improved in the West and finsh at 6-10.

Seattle Seahawks: In Seattle, the Pete Carroll Era has begun. Carroll surprised many by giving so much for Charlie Whitehurst, who is truly untested at this level. Matt Hasselbeck is still the man, but at 34, time’s a ticking. The addition of Russell Okung, should help the ailing Offensive line, but they missed on a true running back. Julius Jones and Justin Forsett are both undersized for the role. The Seahawks receiving corps’ age might hurt the progression of Golden Tate by asking to much from the young receiver. Experience and acquisitions should help Aaron Curry and the Hawks Defense. Their biggest nemesis will be their Offense’s ability to stay on the field. The new regime and in a building conference, the Seahawks stay level at 5-11. Years 2 & 3 will be much better for Pete and his Hawks.

San Francisco 49ers: Mike Singletary has turned the corner with his organization. The 49ers seemed to fill their needs almost best through the draft. The nucleus in place, with average quarterback production out of Alex Smith, and the play makers on Offense (Frank Gore, Michael Crabtree, Vernon Davis), the Niner’s could be sick. The 49ers key falls on their Defense. Production from the D-Line is a must. Hitting on Taylor Mays could be an added bonus, but we’ll see. Mike’s Offense gets the Niner’s to 11-5. Who would’ve thought that?

Arizona Cardinals: The NFC defending champions are about to be awoken in a different way. It is not the loss of Karlos Dansby, Joey Porter will give them that early; it’s the age of the key Defensive players. The secondary took a hit in shipping Bryant McFadden back to Pittsburgh, although the Card’s feel confident in Greg Toler’s abilities to be there #2 CB. If at 1-4 heading into the Bye, Arizona might start looking the way of Derek Anderson, which would be poison to the Cardinals. The Cardinals will be lucky if it’s just an invert, 6-10.

2010 Regular Season Standings:

San Francisco 49er’s: 11-5
St. Louis Rams: 6-10
Arizona Cardinals: 6-10
Seattle Seahawks: 5-11

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