FishFace’s NFL Football Picks Of The Week

fishfaceAlright people. The almighty FishFace is here and I’m gonna give you some picks this week. As I look at the games that are going on this weekend I’m gonna take a stab and I bet I’m gonna do fucking great as I AM FishFace! Ok fish heads, let’s get this party started.

First up we have Dallas and Denver. Now Dallas looked pretty damn good vs the Panthers, But Carolina isĀ  pretty shitty. But… Denver is 3 and 0 and Tony Romo is bound to have an off week, So with the game in Denver I’m gonna go with the Broncos, because their running game is not too shabby… and Dallas usually pisses me off.

Next up we have San Diego and Pittstucky. Pittsburgh is having a tough timeĀ  in their defense and their running game is not up to par. San Diego is a team that scares me because Darren Sproles is a quick mother fucker and you never know when he is gonna tear it up… and there defense is not too shabby, so I think I’m gonna go with San Diego.

My 3rd pick of the week we got the New York Jets Jets Jets vs the never boring New Orleans Saints. Now the Jets pulled off an impressive win against Tennessee, which I was pissed because Chris Johnson didn’t have that great of a game and I lost a bunch of points in my fantasy league, but I’m gonna take New Orleans because They are just too sweet on offense. Pierre Thomas should have a good game at home so I’m taking the Saints.

The 4th pick of the week is the dirty birds vs San Francisco. Here is a tough one because both teams are pretty damn good but I think I gotta go with Atlanta. Matt Ryan is gonna have a good game after the disappointing loss to New England. He’s gotta step it up so the Falcons don’t lose two in a row.

In my 5th pick, I’m going with the Oakland Raiders and the Houston Texans. Oakland is just plain sorry. Jamarcus Miller is a bust. They should have kept Jeff Garcia. Houston should have no problem in this one.

Here in the 6th pick is my beloved Browns and the Cincinnati. I hate to admit but Cincinnati is playing pretty damn good football. With the win against Pittsburgh and Carson Palmer playing decent ball, this game is going to be an easy win for the Bungals. Cleveland, how I wish you could be a super bowl contender but everybody knows with shoddy coaching and the leagues worst offense, who knows how long it’s gonna take till the Browns can turn it around.

So this is FishFaces 1st picks of the week for the 2009 football season. Like it or not.

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