Pre-Training Camp Review #2


NFC North

2009 Regular Season Standings:

Minnesota Vikings 12-4
Green Bay Packers 11-5
Chicago Bears 8-8
Detroit Lions 2-14

Minnesota Vikings: How much does Brett Farve dream of Tracy Porter’s interception ending his and the Vikings’ season in 2009? We should find out in week 1 in New Orleans. The Vikings seem set to make another run this year, that is if Brett is back, and we all believe that. Losing Chester Taylor to the Chicago Bears, might not be so bad; it might even lead to more plays for Percy Harvin or rookie Toby Gerhart, seeing he can make the team. Both Offense and Defensive units should be stout. Taking Chris Cook should add some much needed depth in the secondary that’s been aging and injured. The Defensive front should be the best in the league, especially with Ray Edwards. Seeing that Sidney Rice can hit a stride and Adrian Peterson can hold the ball more successfully, the Vikings should be 10-6.

Green Bay Packers: The Sequel may have started again in Green Bay, and Minnesota is still the nemesis. Green Bay seems to have re-stacked well enough, although the age of their secondary is scary. Tramon Williams or Pat Lee need to step it up, and they need to hit on Morgan Burnett. Aaron Rodgers should have his best year yet, with a younger Offensive line, very good receiving corps, and Ryan Grant; Fantasy numbers could pop. The first five games are a must for the Packers, seeing their schedule becomes much tougher throughout the middle of the season, so a hot start could lead to 11-5, and Division winners.

Chicago Bears: Chicago has a difficult season upcoming. Can Mike Martz fix the Offense? Can Johnny Knox repeat last year and improve, or is he another Devin Hester? Can Julius Peppers be the answer to the Defensive front? Secondary?? And finally, can Lovie Smith keep his job? Chester Taylor was probably their best acquisition during the off-season. He fits Martz perfectly due to his versatility, and based on averages for his career, 300 carries gives the Bears offense 1290 or so yards. -Chester Taylor is my first fantasy sleeper.- Unless Devin Aromashodu can become more involved, Chicago’s Passing Attack could be as boring Cleveland’s or Oakland’s last year. Defensively the addition of Peppers, a great linebacker core, and a mystery secondary; I can’t see the Bears bettering 6-10. Sorry Lovie; “I think Ari Gold could be looking for a coach in L.A.!”

Detroit Lions: Young talent is all over the place in Detroit. Louis Delmas might be the best piece to build around for their secondary. Noamukong Suh might bring back life to Julian Peterson, not to forget make it easier for the fresh Detroit secondary to adjust. The Lions gave Matt Stafford Jahvid Best to help Kevin Smith carry the load. That alone should help Detroit’s play action, making Nate Burleson’s addition an added plus. Calvin Johnson’s getting there, but this year, Detroit improves to 7-9.

2010 Regular season Standings:

Green Bay Packers 11-5
Minnesota Vikings 10-6
Detroit Lions: 7-9
Chicago Bears: 6-10

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