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dez-1-As I listened to LeCharles Bentley talk over the Cleveland’ airwaves this evening, about how the athletes’ of today are taking a bigger role in the development of their respective sports, he interrupted to say that Dez Bryant was the first 1st Round pick to agree to a contract. I was amazed and overly confused at the same time. I never thought I’d have to say this, but I’m truly proud of Dez and what he has just done. Let’s think of Michael Crabtree, the most highly touted receiver of his class: Did holding out cost the 49er’s the playoffs; two games? It did take Vernon Davis some time to become truly productive last year, was Crabtree that missing piece? Bryant, by signing a 5 year contract with 8.5 million guaranteed, puts himself in the best position to have an immediate impact. It shows the desire to play and to make a difference. The chance to play in the Super Bowl in Dallas aside, I give Dez Bryant a thumbs up for missing and loving the game of FOOTBALL. PLEASE keep up the positives, Dez.

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