Pre-Training Camp Review #3

NFC South 2009 Regular Season Standings:Nfllogos4

New Orleans Saints: 13-3
Atlanta Falcons: 9-7
Carolina Panthers: 8-8
Tampa Bay Buccaneers: 3-12

Tampa Bay Buccaneers: Tampa Bay went all out in this year’s draft to try to secure their Defensive front with the additions of Gerald McCoy and Brian Price. Their Defense will rely on an under-rated Linebacker crew, and a secondary they hope to improve with Myron Lewis of Vanderbilt, their 3rd round pick. Offensively, a solid running game will be very much needed. The Bucs might lack the added depth behind Cadillac Williams to accomplish that. Kellen Winslow needs to become the player many teams dreamed he could be, a Super-Star, because the rest of the receivers scare no one. Tampa Bay needs either Arrelious Benn or Mike Williams to at least be productive to help Josh Freeman through this tough growing season. The Buccaneer’s improve to 5-11.

Carolina Panthers: Carolina stock-piled Quarterbacks in this year’s draft and that might have been John Fox’s worst mistake. Parting ways from Jake Delhomme was probably the best for both parties. The fortune of Jimmy Clausen falling to them might have been a God send, but drafting another two Quarterbacks was unneeded. Armanti Edwards will probably get his shot at Receiver though, and that is their current biggest deficit. Steve Smith needs some running mates and I do not think it’s there in Carolina. Defensively, Carolina’s linebackers have the possibility of over shadowing the non existent D-Line, especially if Jon Beason can move outside. Jonathan Stewart and DeAngelo Williams are two of my favorites and I see both producing well, but I see learning lessons for the Panthers, leaving them 7-9. It might be the turn of someone else in Carolina.

Atlanta Falcons: Atlanta is one of the those teams I feel could really surprise, they have true play-makers. The thought of Sean Weatherspoon paired with Curtis Lofton, seem to me to be great stones in which to rebuild their Linebackers. John Abraham’s production was less than expected last year, and the Falcon’s might not have helped his cause enough. The Secondary lost Chris Houston to Detroit, but replaced him with Dunta Robinson from the Texans, Huge Upgrade! Key contributions from Dominique Franks, their 5th round pick, is needed for the Birds to stay in games. The additions of Mike Johnson(3rd) and Joe Hawley(4th) should add youth and depth to the Offensive line. The Falcons have the best stables in the NFL led by Michael Turner, but if injuries continue, any of their horses could be number one backs. Matt Ryan and Atlanta have one key problem and I think they know it. Nobody to help Roddy White. At last count, Atlanta has 11 receivers coming into camp, the two most notable are Brian Finneran and Michael Jenkins. Atlanta stays too one dimensional, 9-7.

New Orleans Saints: I think Brett Farve agrees to come back the Sunday before the Saints first game against the Vikings. This way he can just drive down for his next beating via his home state Saints. You know, whatever makes it easier for Brett. Drew Brees and his stellar Offense should be back, with youth added at the tackle in Charles Brown. Defense looks for the same youth insurgence, with Malcolm Jenkins the converted safety ready to assume the Darren Sharper role. In New Orleans the first two game will be key. The rest of their schedule includes only one team on a mission and a lot of rebuilding or questionable situations going on. Saints fumble a bit, but at 11-5 have a chance to repeat.

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