Mourning and Recovery

Sportsbutcher.comI don’t know what the Braves’ record is now. I don’t know who’s winning the wildcard. I don’t know who’s left in the U.S. Open. I don’t know if T.O. has run his mouth in the last 10 days or Chad Ocho…whatever the hell his names is… beat him to it. I don’t know where Gameday will be next Saturday.

All of this should sound normal for a girl. But for me, it’s the opposite.

I’m the girl who switches between SportsCenter and Mike & Mike while eating my cereal most mornings. The one who rattles off division leaders and wildcard contenders. The one who has a kickoff calendar emblazoned on my brain (and in my planner).

But right now, I am, frankly, sports stupid. Because 9 days ago, my team lost.
I should go ahead and disclose this about this blog: It will be biased.
To the Braves. Against the Mets and Yankees. To Duke. Against UNC. To college sports above anything else. To the SEC. And most of all, to my beloved Dawgs.

This is not to say I won’t attempt objectivity. I was a journalism major at Georgia, and covering all sides of a story with an open perspective was one of our cardinal rules. And there will be moments when I adhere to those journalistic standards. But when it comes to some things – sports in general and the Dawgs in particular – I am admittedly and wholeheartedly partial.

And those Dawgs lost last Saturday. I traveled to Stillwater (the subject of another post to be shared in coming days), and they lost. Of course, they beat South Carolina two days ago in Athens (the subject of another post also to be shared later). But I spent last week very much in mourning over losing to Oklahoma State and thus, actively avoided any type of medium that could or would possible mention it.
On Sunday, I threw away the College Football section. On Monday, I flipped straight packed ESPN. Until Wednesday, I marked all my Georgia blogs as “read.”

It may sound petty or childish, but a Dawg loss results in a legitimate mourning process. My mourning process.

That process officially ended this past Saturday (41-37 Between the Hedges, in case you were wondering), and I have re-established my normal diet of sports culture since then. But I’m still catching up from my week away.

From now on, this blog will be dedicated to (biased) sports chatter and rambling. But if it ever goes quiet, rest assured that I am still alive and will write again. I’m just mourning. Because my Dawgs lost. And I don’t want to talk about it.

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