Is Randy Moss A Fit For Your Team?

Randy Moss
Now that the Minnesota Vikings have waived Randy Moss who will benefit most from the addition of the Headache Wide Receiver? The hefty price tag, the off plays, and the mouth of the veteran will all be included in his next stop. So is your team ready to take on this kind of plague or is the risk too much for the potential short term rental? Let’s Break it Down:

The Most Likely Stops:

Buffalo Bills(Waiver #1): The Bills at 0-7 could definitely use the talents of Moss. The price tag will not be the deterrent here, and neither should be the gamble. Ryan Fitzpatrick would get a solid #1 receiver to help the development of Steve Johnson, and the running game might also open up with the presence of Moss. The absence of a strong nucleus of team leaders might be the one reason to pass, the overall #1 Draft Choice might be the other. I give the Bills about a 90% chance of adding Randy.
Carolina Panthers(W #2): Even with Steve Smith and DeAngelo Williams, the Panthers are in need of big time Play-makers. The youth movement and the money might prevent them from acquiring Moss. Matt Moore and Jimmy Clausen both will probably be in favor of the pick up, that being said Carolina’s chances sit at 80%.
San Francisco 49ers(W #4): Expectations of the Playoffs looking grim at 2-6, and a new Quarterback in Troy Smith at least for the time being, San Francisco might be salivating. If Randy could help right the ship, I can see no reason not to gamble. Mike Singletary will be on his way out if the Niners can’t pull it together, so the 49ers seem the best destination for both Moss and the Team, 95% Chance.
Cleveland Browns(W #9): Cleveland has the one the NFL’s worst receiving corps, yet Coach Eric Mangini desires men that fit his program. The departures of the likes of Braylon Edwards and Kellen Winslow have already shown that Mangini prefers less headaches over talent. The addition of an unsettled Quarterback position also hurts Cleveland’s chances, I say 78%.
Arizona Cardinals(W #11): Steve Breaston has been injured so returning as the slot receiver might help. Derek Anderson is still a bum, so rookie Max Hall needs help desperately to compliment Larry Fitzgerald. Arizona still is in the race so Fitzgerald’s relationship with Moss might make this actually happen, if San Francisco passes, the Cardinals would look about 93% and keeping Moss from Seattle.
St. Louis Rams(W #16): The Rams are sitting at 4-4 with no true #1 receiver. Sam Bradford looks to be the real deal with what he has left in play-makers. Adding Moss to the mix could help the worst team last year cement a Playoff run. Chances are 89%.

On Top of the Bubble:

Jacksonville Jaguars(W #12): The Jags are in need of legitimate receivers through and through. David Garrard’s strength is not his deep pass. The money is probably the biggest hurdle for Jacksonville to overcome. So give the Jags about a 71% chance.
Washington Redskins(W #15): Dan Snyder will pay, but would another Alpha Dog sit well with Coach Mike Shanahan. McNabb and T.O. got to the Superbowl, could Moss and McNabb do the same? Ego’s aside Moss might just give them the added threat to a least reach the Playoffs. Chances are 73%.
Seattle Seahawks(W #16): Pete Carroll already tried for a big play-maker and was unable to pull Vincent Jackson from the Chargers. Getting Moss seems almost a done deal. Yet what Seattle has going is working somewhat, so why take a chance of messing with their growing chemistry? If he falls to the the Seahawks it would be about 72%.
Kansas City Chiefs(W #25): There are ties with Moss and Scott Pioli. They might be New England West as Moss is concerned. The need is definitely there, and the Chiefs will gamble on older players. At 5-2 the Chiefs are in the driver’s seat and the addition of Moss might be the extra Nitro they need. 70% is where I see them.

The Other Possible Stops:

Miami Dolphins(W #18): Even with the addition of Brandon Marshall the Dolphins still are having problems getting into the end zone. Plus by grabbing Moss, they keep him from the Jets and Patriots. Chances are 65%.
Chicago Bears(W #17): Mike Martz offense, with Jay Cutler throwing the long ball, seems like a win win. Chicago has spent a ton of money already this year, so why not a few million more? Chance are 62%.
Atlanta Falcons(W #29): Roddy White is a beast, and Mike Jenkins is more than serviceable running mate. The extra weapon would help but might not be that necessary. I give the Falcons a 60% chance.
Houston Texans(W #23): Chemistry will be the hardest thing to overcome with the Texans. Andre Johnson is the best receiver in the NFL, and has the desire to play not talk. Moss as a weapon might help the Texans supersede the Colts as division winners, so there is a huge upside. Texans get a 59% chance.
New York Jets(W #30): Rex Ryan might just claim Moss to keep him from returning back to New England, Period. There is no huge need for his services, yet the Jets have been willing to gamble in the past; Braylon Edwards and Santonio Holmes. The Jets chances are 52%.
New England Patriots(W #32): Everyone would have to pass and New England would be seeing that they could resign him for a minimum price and stick the Vikings with the unpaid contract. If he falls this far I’d say New England chances would be 80%.

The remaining teams will all get the grade of 7% seeing it’s possible but highly unlikely.

Dallas Cowboys
Denver Broncos
Detroit Lions
Minnesota Vikings
Cincinnati Bengals
San Diego Charges
Oakland Raiders
Philadelphia Eagles

Green Bay Packers
New Orleans Saints
Tennessee Titans
Indianapolis Colts
Tampa Bay Buccaneers
New York Giants
Baltimore Ravens
Pittsburgh Steelers

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