2011 NFL Mock Draft Nasium Style!

NFLlogo#5So with the first overall pick in the 2011 NFL Draft, the Carolina Panthers Select:

1) Carolina Panthers — Carolina went through last year without a solid starting QB, hoping Matt Moore could at least hold it down til Jimmy Clausen was ready. The outcome ended Carolina here. New Head Coach Ron Rivera, is “Defensive Minded” to say the least and will not stake his job on any of the not ready QB’s in this Draft. Instead Rivera shocks most and fills a need in both attacking the QB and a solid core player for his Defense. If Patrick Peterson is the Top Talent of the Draft, Miller is a close 1A. Carolina will still address QB and DL early in this draft, but depth at DL made this choice.
— Von Miller, LB Texas A&M –

2) Denver Broncos — The Two Johns! Should be a very interesting draft in Denver. The phones will be ringing now that the top QB’s are there and Buffalo next. Washington, Minnesota, Tennessee, and even Miami might inquire, but the cost is just too much. Denver’s need for QB is way over rated, so look for New Head Coach John Fox to help anchor his Defense. There is need in Denver’s Secondary so P.P. will be in play once again. All in all, the need to clog the middle will overcome. Personally, I think John Fox was sold at his Pro Day!
– Nick Fairley, DT Auburn –

3) Buffalo Bills — Chan Gailey needs this years pick to actually have a real impact in the first year. The Bills have a huge need of a pass rusher, but with Miller gone, I see Robert Quinn jumping up the board. Cam Newton and Blaine Gabbert will be discussed, as well as as A.J. Green. The entire DL as well. It comes down to Santonio Holmes, and Wes Welker.
– Patrick Peterson, CB LSU –

4) Cincinnati Bengals — With or Without a Quarterback, is that the question? No T.O. or Ocho? Marvin Lewis took care of that by making a switching to a Jay Gruden Offense. It made “The Lines” the Biggest needs for the Bengals. A.J. Green, Julio Jones, and even either of the QB’s might seem the wise pick for the fans. The Bengals take their gift, ignoring fans’ desires.
– Marcell Dareus, DT ALA –

5) Arizona Cardinals — The top LB and CB gone, Arizona’s draft starts it’s change. The Defensive 3-4 is in need of a youth insurgence, yet they need someone to throw it to Larry Fitzgerald better. It’s Hot in Arizona!
– Blaine Gabbert, QB Missouri –

6) Cleveland Browns — The Browns Top 3 are gone, yet their glaring need at WR could still be filled with A.J. Green or Julio Jones. A “No Brain-er” for Tom Heckert right. Cleveland always seems to need pieces so Holmgren/ Heckert trade with Washington. They swap 1st Rounders in 2010, Cleveland receives Washington’s 2nd Round pick in 2011 and 2013 4th Round pick, while the Skins get the Browns 3rd Round pick in 2011; easily covering the 300 points needed to move up four spots. Washington in need of a QB for the future nabs maybe the Top Prospect on their Board.
– Cam Newton, QB Auburn – Washington

7) San Francisco 49ers — Patrick Peterson gone and no QB ready for the task of instilling Harbaugh’s Offense. The Niners look for an impact pass rusher over the 2nd best corner in the draft.
– Robert Quinn, DE North Carolina –

8) Tennessee Titans — Washington’s move now creates added pressure for Tennessee needing to get a signal caller in the Draft. Miami, Minnesota, Seattle all looking for QB help; Tennessee might feel pressed. Nick Fairley was to be the next Albert Haynesworth type interior presence needed to anchor their defense. They still think they found that.
– Da’Quan Bowers, DT Auburn –

9) Dallas Cowboys — Dallas has a new Defensive Coordinator in Rob Ryan, so some new faces to complete his Defense are a must. Help for DeMarcus Ware on the line, and an especially thin secondary make this pick for the Defense. Just what Ryan hoped for, Right? Jerry Jones goes in a different direction securing the Offensive line.
– Tyron Smith, OT USC –

10) Cleveland Browns — The Browns cleverly took a gamble and it paid off, at least for the moment. Even with a great need to fill the Defensive line for the Dick Jauron 4-3 scheme, the Browns fill their biggest need by grabbing the #1 rated WR.
– A.J. Green, WR Georgia –

11) Houston Texans — The Texans could surprise all and grab Julio Jones to pair with Andre Johnson but that’s just a dream pick. Needing Secondary help and outside rushers to complete Wade Phillips 3-4 scheme prevail.
– Cameron Jordan, DE Cal –

12) Minnesota Vikings — Tyron Smith probably would have been the pick here, but he went to Dallas. The Vikings could fill their O-line needs with Solder or Castonzo or even address the aging Defensive line. The bigger problem in Minnesota is the lack of a QB for the future. Jake Locker or Andy Dalton might be good fits, but the Vikings love the power arm.
– Ryan Mallett, QB Ark –

13) Detroit Lions — I wouldn’t put it pass Detroit to go grab Julio Jones but the Lions have bigger needs. More O-line help to protect the oft-injured Matthew Stafford, even a Defensive End to help last years Rookie of the Year, Suh. Detroit is wise and adds much needed youth to it’s Secondary.
– Prince Amukamara, CB Neb –

14) St. Louis Rams — The Rams originally thought they would have to move up to get in this position. In need of a big time Play-making WR or another D-Line anchor, St. Louis rewards Sam Bradford.
– Julio Jones, WR Ala –

15) Miami Dolphins — Miami’s in an interesting pickle here. They need help on both lines, need RB’s in a bad way and, now might even need help in the WR position. The lack of the QB for the future has to wait as the Dolphins choose to fix their core.
– Mike Pouncey, C/G Florida –

16) Jacksonville Jaguars — The Jags will be looking to trade back at this point, but with no suitors Jacksonville remains stuck with the #16 pick. A Hybrid D-line player is Jacksonville’s biggest need and they do better grabbing this very versatile Defensive End.
– J.J. Watt, DE Wisc –

17) New England Patriots — Coach Bill Belichick would like to move back and acquire more picks, but the other 31 teams are done helping the Patriots get better. The Pats still have another pick in the first round, so both the O-line and D-line will get addressed. Six teams pick after the Patriots all needing O-line help so New England starts there.
– Anthony Castonzo, OT BC –

18) San Diego Chargers — Jacques Cesaire and Travis Johnson are both free agents so this becomes the Charges biggest need. Secondary help will be a thought, but the stop gap ability weighs out. Philadelphia makes it all easier for the Chargers swapping 1st Rounders and giving them their 2011 3rd Rounder(#21) and 2012 3rd Rounder. The Chargers give up their 2012 4th rounder as well. Philly by jumping in front of Tampa Bay grabs its Secondary need.
– Jimmy Smith, DB Colorado – Philadelphia

19) New York Giants — New York’s need for Linebacker help might seem pressing, although Akeem Ayers here might be too costly. The youth movement on their aging O-line takes over.
– Gabe Carimi, OT Wisc –

20) Tampa Bay Buccaneers — Legal trouble and age has made the Bucs Secondary a major need. The top three corners gone, free agency will now be the plan to stabilize there. Looking for an edge rusher for their D-line is the money pick here.
– Ryan Kerrigan, DE Purdue –

21) Kansas City Chiefs — Where should KC go? O-line, WR, D-line or LB? All are interesting possibilities. The Colts and Chargers now follow this pick both needing interior D-linemen. The Chiefs make at least one of them unhappy.
— Muhammad Wilkerson, DT Temple –

22) Indianapolis Cots — The Colt’s passed on O-line help last year, so is this that year? A Defensive Tackle to clog the middle? Maybe even Secondary help or a RB? The Colts take their highest rated player at this point, finally finding the plug in the middle of their line.
— Corey Liuget, DT Illinois —

23) San Diego Chargers — The need inside on the D-line still over rules the O-line. Liuget might have been their Top Choice but they feel just as happy.
– Phil Taylor, DT Baylor –

24) New Orleans Saints — This position the Saints own might become the cheapest way back into the first round; with no picks in rounds 4-6, and no glaring huge holes. A few picks couldn’t hurt. The Saints find no takers. They find the heir apparent for Will Smith.
– Aldon Smith, DE Missouri –

25) Seattle Seahawks — Pete Carroll in a position to trade out to gather more picks or even grab the QB of the future, maybe Jake Locker. Seattle is still building it’s Carroll team, so the there are all kinds of options. The Seahawks play everything smart.
– Danny Watkins, OG Baylor –

26) Baltimore Ravens — The Ravens biggest needs seem to be the aging and injured secondary. A deep threat/younger receiver also is in huge need. Grabbing an edge rusher will also fall in the mix. The Ravens were close last year so Ozzie’s cool mind prevails allowing him to grab a steal again.
— Adrian Clayborn, DE Iowa –

27) Atlanta Falcons — Drafting another linebacker this high two years in a row might be helpful, but not the biggest need. A running mate for Roddy White is definitely a solid option, but Atlanta has a problem and this draft fixed it. The possibilities of 3 Free Agent O-linemen wins.
– Nate Solder, OT Colorado –

28) New England Patriots — No team in need of jumping this far to grab a quarterback, so Bill and the Patriots go and grab the Seymour replacement.
– Cameron Heyward, DE OSU –

29) Chicago Bears — Chicago could use upgrades in the Secondary, the D-line, and even youth at Linebacker. That all has to wait as the Bears take the best value.
– Derek Sherrod, OT Miss St –

30) New York Jets — The Defensive front should be where the Jets address first and hopefully often during the draft. New York without a second round pick decides to go for the most impact, giving Rex Ryan a new Defensive Toy.
– Akeem Ayers, OLB UCLA –

31) Pittsburgh Steelers — Pittsburgh had visions of moving up to grab Mike Pouncey, but 15 was to high. Mike Tomlin and staff choose better value filling the need that cost them.
– Aaron Williams, CB TEX –

32) Green Bay Packers — This will kind of fall into the luxury pick role for the Packers. Yes, continuing the O-line rebuilding, or help for Clay Matthews III are both viable. Yet the Packers go for need and value.
– Brandon Harris, CB Miami –

The late round trades never happen with New England holding the next pick and almost always willing to acquire more.

Enjoy The Draft All!

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