The Robert Griffin III Experiment

Robert Griffin III
Five days before the start of Free Agency. How much is Robert Griffin III worth to the NFL? The Saint Louis Rams sitting at #2 in the upcoming draft would like to have a trade agreement in place before the start of Free Agency. Of course they would, RG3 value has peaked, every free agent Quarterback that finds a new home decreases his value. On top of that, with the new rookie pay scale in place the movement of spots financially has less affect to teams and should make attaining specific players easier. The biggest benefit to the Rams is that the player being targeted at their pick is a Quarterback. Keep in mind that Jim Irsay and the Indianapolis Colts could pick this experiment, and leave Andrew Luck as the prize. Believing the Colts draft Luck, lets look at the RG3 Experiment from the eyes of those seeking his services most.

Washington Redskins: Rumored to be the front runner despite lack of draft ammunition that the Cleveland Browns possess. Owner Daniel Snyder will be willing to give maybe the most to land Mike Shanahan’s next John Elway despite it being a costly mistake for the organization. Washington would be better served using Free Agency to find their Quarterback and letting the draft youthenize some of their other needs. Offensive Line, Wide Receiver, Defensive Back and depending upon FA LB. This draft also seems deep in WR’s and QB Prospects not so much Offensive Lineman, or Defensive Backs. Side note, what about Peyton Hillis back with Ryan Torain and Shanahan? Peyton might need an easy switch and he’d be cheap. Chances will remain HIGH.

Cleveland Browns: The Cleveland Browns find themselves in the Pickle spot of this draft. They easily have the arsenal to move up to the second pick but also fall in the precarious position where their coveted prize might be there. Is it worth 3 #1′s and a 2nd? No! This years 1st(#4), 3rd(#67), 2013 1st Round, and a 2014 3rd Round? Yes!! The fact is Cleveland has missed so often in the past that the First and Second Rounds of the Draft are torture. Colt might be it, without the weapons; but RG3 brings a different dynamic. Think Steve Young to Jeff Garcia. RG3 is more like the next Steve Young, then the next McNabb or Vick. In Cleveland, Football will always Rule, so give the Faithful what they Deserve and show up for; Religiously! Chances will be FRONT RUNNER.

Miami Dolphins: The Fins are close enough that this might be the splash needed to over take the Patriots, Jets, and hold off a Bills reamergence. They have an All Pro WR that showed off in the Pro Bowl, Solid Line in need of Right Side Anchor, and a decent RB tandem. They also possess inside lines on the Top 2 Free Agent QB’s in Peyton Manning and Matt Flynn. Selling the Farm so early in a Head Coaching career, is inevitable death for Joe Philbin. The Dolphins will be better served using the combination of Free Agency and maybe even Ryan Tannehill, seeing Mike Sherman has already worked with him at Texas A&M. Chances will be MEDIUM.

Seattle Seahawks: Carroll and the Seahawks probably do not have an enticingly enough package for the Rams to consider over Washington and Cleveland. I see Seattle making a couple of splashes through Free Agency to fill some holes. The Draft might involve them trading down to acquire picks to build next’s year draft positioning instead of moving up. Chances will be VERY LOW.

Jacksonville Jaguars: It’s probably too early to pay this much for a Franchise QB after grabbing Blaine Gabbert last year. Look for Jacksonville to find competition through FA. Chances will be VERY LOW.

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