FishFace’s Picks Week 6

Alright fish heads looks like that time again that the big fish from Lake Erie is going to give you the ever so glorious picks of the week.  Ok my first pick of the week Houston at Cincinnati.The Bengals are off to a good start.The defense is playing pretty damn good and the offense is looking alright.Carson Palmer has been showing what he does best and Cedric Benson had a good game last week,But if Matt Schaub and Andre Johnson read the defense right it could be trouble for the bungles.This one is a tough one but I’m gonna with Houston by 7 points.

My second pick of the week is Baltimore vs Minnesota.After coming off of a tough loss last week,I bet Ray Lewis is gonna be pissed and out to get Brett Favre,But you can’t count out Adrian Peterson,He could have a great game if he reads the defense correctly.Plus i don not think that the Ravens offense is all that and Jarred Allen has played big this year so my second pick I’m going with the Minnesota Vikings by 10.

My Third pick this week is New York vs New Orleans.This one right here is a tough one.New York is a pretty good balanced football team and on the other hand the Saints offense is the best in the National Football League with Drew Brees putting up big numbers and having all those weapons of disposal.I don’t think Eli is gonna have a big game and i don’t think the defense and stop the saints.So I’m gonna pick the Saints by 14.

The forth pick of week six is the Carolina Panthers vs Tampa Bay Buccaneers.Now both of these teams are just sorry,to say the least. Jake Delhoome is playing horrible and there running game is not stepping up to the plate.Now on to the Bucs.The got smoked last week against Philadelphia and I think there gonna get smashed this week at home.Carolina wins this game by 3.

Next up with the fifth pick is the Chicago Bears vs Atlanta Falcons.This is gonna be a pretty good game.Now if crybaby Jay Cutler can read the defense  and Matt Forte has a good game than they might pull it out.But if you know how Matt Ryan plays at home and if Roddy White putts up big numbers and if there defense plays like they did against San Francisco,Man this is a tough one.My pick is the Atlanta Falcons by 6.

And my last pick of week six is the Denver Broncos vs San Diego Chargers.I thought my last pick was tough.Ok now Denver is playing really good.I never thought that Denver was going to be 5 and 0.Josh Mc Daniels is having a great year and Kyle Orton is playing better than i thought he could.Brandon Marshall has turned it around and having a pretty  good year. Now on to the Chargers.Phillip Rivers is awesome at home,And the defense has been playing pretty good so i gotta go with San Diego giving Denver there first loss of the season.San Diego by 3.

Alright fishheads here’s the picks

Cincinnati over Houston

Minnesota over Baltimore

New Orleans over New York Giants

Carolina over Tampa Bay

Atlanta over Chicago

San Diego over Denver

These are my picks and I’ll be talking to you soon.


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