If I Knew What to Think, I’d Tell You

I stand by everything I wrote about the refs and the SEC and the LSU game last week while I was waiting for the Tennessee game to start.

But I have no idea what to think about the state of Georgia Football.

My team didn’t just lose on Saturday. We got crushed. By a conference win-less Tennessee team coached by a guy whose mouth is so annoying and off-track that he makes Urban refer-to-myself-in-the-third-person Meyer look decent.

I love my Dawgs. They could lose every game and play in a stadium the size of Georgia Tech’s (Ha, who am i kidding? That would never happen.), and I would still love them whole-heartedly. But I have no idea where their identity went or what team is going to show up in Nashville this weekend: The one who scored more than 50 in Fayetteville or the one who couldn’t muster an offensive touchdown in Knoxville.

I have a wedding to attend tomorrow (and am very sad I’ll be missing another opportunity to visit Nashville), so my trusty iPhone will help me keep track of the game. I hope to God I have something positive to write about on Monday, but I certainly don’t feel comfortable expecting that.

Either way, I’m a Dawg for life, so here’s to getting back to some semblance of quality Dawg football.

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