2012 NFL Mock Draft Nasium Style Revised!

Within the hour the NFL Draft begins. In Cleveland it feels almost like Game Day, with more than normal display of Orange and Brown. People seem to have a springier step, yet they all know recent history hasn’t produced much. In St. Louis fans are excited with getting the corner stones to Jeff Fisher’s tenure, whether it be Matt Kalil, Justin Blackmon, or even Trent Richardson Rams fans have something to be excited for. Any way we look at let’s hope your team makes the right decisions, and avoids the draft busts.

1) Indianapolis Colts– Andrew Luck, QB, Stanford –
No change here, Jim Irsay still needs the Franchise QB for the next 10 years.

2) Washington Redskins– Robert Griffin III, QB, Baylor –
Washington sticks to the plan, landing the ultra talented RG3.

3) Tampa Bay Buccaneers– Trent Richardson, RB, Alabama –
Tampa is the 2nd team to jump up draft position to grab their coveted player. Minnesota fall 2 spots still in position to grab their impact player.

4) Cincinnati Bengals– Justin Blackmon, WR, Oklahoma State –
The Cleveland Browns lost RG3, then T-Rich now Tom Heckert drops back yet again, gaining a 3rd 1st rounder this year. It better pay off big cause Cleveland fans are about to throw in the towel.

5) Minnesota Vikings– Matt Kalil, OT, USC –
The Vikings still land their book end tackle and gain a future picks at the same time.

6) St. Louis Rams– Michael Floyd, WR, Notre Dame –
Their before FA trade with the Redskins still lands the Rams a play making threat for Sam Bradford.

7) Jacksonville Jaguars– Fletcher Cox, DT/DE, Mississippi State –
The Jags find the anchor to bolster their Run Defense.

8) Miami Dolphins– Ryan Tannehill, QB, Texas A&M –
The rejoining of Ryan and new Offensive Coordinator Mike Sherman adds the center piece in Miami for years to come.

9) Carolina Panthers– Melvin Ingram, DE/OLB, South Carolina –
Ron Rivera finds a impact stud in his Defensive front line.

10) Buffalo Bills– Jonathan Martin, OT, Stanford
The Bills thought they might need to move to get the Tackle but standing pat is the Best Reward.

11) Kansas City Chiefs– David DeCastro, OG, Stanford
Romeo Crennel knows Peyton Hillis need a solid line to be productive, their missing piece is found here.

12) Seattle Seahawks– Quinton Couples, DE, North Carolina
John Carroll found his edge rusher in Quinton.

13) Arizona Cardinals– Luke Kuechly, ILB, Boston College
The final piece to one of the scariest LBing Corps in the NFL.

14) Dallas Cowboys– Devon Still, DE/DT, Penn State
The Cowboys find a youthful toy to better the production of DeMarcus Ware, Frightening.

15) Philadelphia Eagles– Michael Brockers, DT, LSU
Philly needs to give their LB’s a chance, Brockers should stuff that middle well.

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