Should be a great 4th in Cleveland!

Rumors today that the Golden State Warriors are looking to dump expiring contracts, in the hopes of clearing enough room to sign Dwight Howard to a max contract. The more intriguing part of this story is that either Klay Thompson or Harrison Barnes might be available to complete a trade in which the Warriors take little to no salary back. I was sold as soon as I heard about it. Chris Grant should be too. Andrew Bogut on a $14 million 1 year contract and either Klay or Harrison, both costing under $3 per year, that’s $17 million for the Playoffs. Dan Gilbert’s implied goal this year was just that, the Playoffs.
It makes even more sense since newly re-hired coach Mike Brown could stick it to the Los Angeles Lakers giving them nothing in return for the loss of Dwight. Barnes and Thompson both are young and Offensive gems in the making. Bogut is that serviceable true center the Cavs are missing with the bonus of only a 1 year commitment. This leaves the Cavs with a rock solid core of youth and the ability to chase Superstar powers again in 2014. This move almost secures Chris Grant his job for years into the future as well, so real big bonus.
There are negatives to this deal. Tristan Thompson, Anderson Varejao, and Dion Waiters might be a piece that is needed to complete any such trade. Being the case, Varejao(1), Dion(2), Tristan(3). So, Dion it seems is this writers favorite to be asked for in return seeing the upgrade potential.  Tristan going in this deal might hamper the Cavs by losing what seems to be the only low post above the rim finisher.  My only knock on Varejao is the injuries which he can’t control.  He plays Basketball the way it is to be played.  Love that!

I have the opinion as a Cleveland Cavs fan. Please: Pull the trigger making us Assassins!

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