(Manny) Acta Fool

The Cleveland Indians today announced their 40th manager, Manny Acta. In 2 1/2 years with the Washington Nationals, he had a combined record of 158-252 for a .385 winning percentage. His ability to speak easily with Latino players and his development of young talent seem to be the key to overlooking Bobby Valentine, Torey Lovullo, and Mike Hargrove.  Valentine stated he didn’t do his homework and truly know the team and organization, questioning his desire for the job.  Hargrove pleaded his case on Cleveland Radio after a friendly chat with Mark Shapiro only to no serious avail.  Lovullo, the organization man, seems to have lost out do to the Indians desire for new blood.

Manny Acta has had success at different levels of his managerial career, the most recent being, wining the 2003 Caribbean Series, as manager of the Tigres del Licey of the Dominican Winter League.  He was the New York Mets 3rd Base Coach in 2006 when they fell one game short of the World Series, losing to eventual champion St. Louis.  He started his coaching career as a Players/Manager for the Auburn Astros(Houston Astros), followed by three other Houston affiliates til 2001.  His highlight was winning the Florida State League Championship in 1999 as manager of the Kissimee Cobras.  His first Major League coaching experience was for the Montreal Expos (2002-04), as 3rd Base Coach til their extinction.  His Major league debut ended after being fired in July by the Nationals with a 26-61 record.  Since then he’s been studying.  Watching our games, learning our players, and learning about our organization.

Did the Cleveland Indians find Manny Acta or did Manny find the Cleveland Indians?  The Houston Astros have a managerial opening yet Manny wasn’t in their top 3, and he has 8 years manager service time with their organization.  Manny’s success has been with young, talented minor league players.  Cleveland has lots of those.  Cleveland likes to sell of their talent to feed their farm system, that’s a lot like Washington.  No fans in the stands halfway through the season, that would be about 10x’s better than Washington and Montreal.  Mark Shapiro stated today that Acta was the man for our organization and our situation.  The situation and organization are just what Manny was looking for, so if the Indians were searching for a man with Acta’s credentials, Cleveland be worried.

His history suggests that he does an excellent job coaching teams to extinction or just starting off.  We have to throw out his New York Mets coaching stint do to two factors.  It’s New York and they pay to have good players and locker room leaders.  Mike Piazza and Tom Glavine, and that’s just starting off.  Manny has managed 2 affiliates to their end and coached for the Expos til theirs.  He’s comfortable with owners dumping players and bringing in new prospects.  That would imply that Cleveland is aiming to become the new Kansas City Royals.  “Let’s farm for the MLB!”  Come on Cleveland, you need a good chant.  He has managed up-and-coming players very well, but minor leaguers vs. Major Leaguers, come on.

Remember when we were up in the Division Series just a few short years ago?  We tried to Wedge a little closer, Dammit…ACTA!

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