Locker Room Rumblings…

In the first ever version of “Rumblings” I am going after a common but unlike’d problem in the country, the Wussiffication of America.



- Alex Rodriguez vs. Ryan Dempster:  First pitch, OK, it slipped. Second pitch, not even a chance.  My Reaction:  I’m composing myself for a second, then it’s on.  You will not have the chance to face anyone else in my teams line up.  You intentionally tried to hurt me for your position on MY matter, you are done.  I will be punished through the proper channels of MLB Baseball for my mistakes.  Your choice to express your opinion through acts that can constitute my death or the end of my career, leaves me no choice but to kick the living crap out of you. Period.

I’m not promoting violence, I’m supporting sticking up for yourself after someone’s trying to hurt you.  Bullying is a major problem within our society. The athlete’s that are worshiped by are youth watch those icons get Bullied.  How does that help the problem? Just Saying.

-  Congress is pressuring the NFL and NFLPA on coming up with a HGH testing program, expressing interest to step in if a solution isn’t found between the two sides.  My Opinion:  What? Again What?  Last I checked it was illegal in all 50 states to obtain and use illegal drugs or drugs without a prescription.  Last I checked none of the suspended in the NFL for substance violations like Adderall, Marijuana, or HGH have faced any criminal charges based on the laws we all live under.  You here “Congress” is threatening and feel it all will be taken care of. Please tell me the last time “Congress” came into your job and made things right.  On top of that, why does “Congress” have any say on a private business other than to keep spirits high in their demographics to get re-elected. It’s the worst back end deal.  They all continue to reward what parents try not to instill within their children.

***Side Note***

Greg Little of the Cleveland Browns was pulled over for going 81 in a 60, 45 in a 25 in May, 98 in a 60, and 127 in the crash in which he hit a guard rail and took out a light post.  He supposedly left the scene.  He decided not to appear in court for the 45 in a 25 ticket.  Just Wondering:  Why wasn’t he arrested either time after not appearing in court? I would have been and so would you.  Be the Idol for our youth Today, not Them.


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