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Today’s theme is the lack of “Maturity” throughout sports. I remember from my childhood, when I broke laws or did a task incorrectly, I had to pay for the consequences that resulted from my infractions or indecision. The penalty helped to reinforce the fact that I was wrong. The message being sent, as the rumblings will state, is only hindering our youth and even the adults involved.

-Johnny Manziel’s half-game Suspension: Please check me if I’m wrong, but I believe Mike Adams, Solomon Thomas, and Terrell Pryor (he chose the supplemental draft, still having to serve a 5 game suspension in the NFL.) all had to serve 5 game suspensions for tattoo and memorabilia. Their penalty also gave Alabama the chance to win three in a row, seeing that Ohio State lost scholarships and was placed on a bowl ban. Texas A&M gets nothing, Why? The half-game suspension proves guilt. Precedent was set for memorabilia issues, why has it not been followed? It’s time people raise their kids with proper morals. Those who promise to continue that path into adulthood and beyond need to be penalized when they don’t keep their promises.

-Joe Looney Cheap Shot: Yes! It was and is a cheap shot. The NFL has “dove” into the the “Heads Up” program within youth football, yet they forget to require it for the Legends and Idols that kids look up too. The NFL needs to instill a penalty that requires players to see what they are hitting. Eyes on target results in: Better tackling and Safer hits. That’s all fact. If Joe Looney could have even seen the hit he would have been a film room hero. He shows his truer colors through his move. I learn everyday, and I’m older than 93% of the NFL players. So why can’t they learn to play the game right? I was fortunate to be raised well, and don’t expect all to have the same opportunity. I do however have a problem with those less fortunate than me, that still need guidance, can’t find it among their current employers especially since it is one of the most influential organizations in our country.

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